We provide complete professional Microservices Architecture and Development Services that can be used for any application, from huge business apps to customer solutions.

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Building quicker, better, and more affordable solutions that support your increased business capabilities is the main goal of Wiznox's structured microservices-powered software development services. A huge share of our projects follows the microservices design and this method speeds up the development process by breaking the process down into smaller parts known as microservices, each of which is focused on a specific business function. Our business can produce more scalable apps quicker.
An expert microservices development services can help you create a new system or redesign your current one for the future. Without going over your budget or losing sight of your primary business goals, we'll help you develop a solid plan for implementing microservices. Whatever the extent of the change, you will continue to manage and expand your company.

Microservices Development Services

To help you achieve the most return on your investment, our service portfolio covers a full range of microservices architectural and development services.


Microservices architecture consulting

  • Create a microservices architecture that properly satisfies the needs of your business, team, and applications. You can deliver a safe, scalable application for years to come by using Wiznox Technologies' services.


Microservices migration

  • Combine thorough planning with a step-by-step implementation plan to move your application to a microservices architecture. Profit from our expertise in product development for a seamless migration that won't slow down your application.


Microservices Testing

  • By using DevOps tools and best practices, you may improve your microservices testing approach. Our highly skilled QA engineers are skilled at creating a testing pipeline that enables the simultaneous deployment of various services.


Microservices support and maintenance

  • Wiznox assists you in creating a strategy for your development teams to uphold a constant level of microservice quality. Our team makes sure that, after moving your application to a microservices design, your system is free of any dependencies and performs at maximum output.

Following are the reasons why business require Microservices


Greater Scalability

  • The main justification for why firms need microservices architecture is scalability. You don't have to scale the entire program because each service in this design has a separate component. Without affecting other services, you can scale the necessary service.


Better endurance

  • With microservices, you may integrate your entire program and break that into services that function as independent entities, which will increase the security of your company.


Faster Time to Market

  • Without having to rewrite a large volume of code, developers can simply change a microservice's functionality due to the flexibility of the microservices design. As a result, the program may generate and integrate new functionality more quickly, which would shorten the launch time.


Increase Productivity and Speed

  • One doesn't have to wait for others to finish creating a certain piece of code when using a microservices architecture. Additionally, it is possible to test the services separately even as others continue to work on the other modules, which boosts productivity and development speed while producing high-quality results.


Continuous Delivery

  • Instead of working collectively on components like the UI, the database, or the server-side logic, microservices let developers concurrently work on a single service. Additionally, testing new functionality is considerably simpler because you can concentrate on short deployments of simple tests using your CI/CD pipeline.

Why Wiznox

With the help of Wiznox, you can create the ideal solution to meet your organizational goals. You'll accomplish remarkable success with our assistance as you grasp the value of modular architecture.


Transparent Communication

With effective teamwork and communication, you won't have any loose threads. You can communicate with developers regardless of their language.

Scalable team

With a highly adaptable workforce at your disposal that allows you to grow without taking shortcuts, you can prepare your company for success. We are both large enough to scale and tiny enough to care for

Complete control

You always remain in control, from conception to delivery and upkeep. While you maintain control, we handle the commitments of your project.

Agile by nature

The market trends and client expectations need to be followed up by your company. We are incredibly flexible, allowing you to change your strategy at any time.

End-to-end services

You can entrust us to design, build, test, maintain, and support any type of solution, including custom software, cloud solutions, mobile applications, web apps, and other services.

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