Digital Product Design

We are talented enough to improve the consumer experience by offering products and services that encourage design thinking.

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Digital Product Design Services We Deliver

The Wiznox team is well-equipped with the variety of skills needed to create and implement your digital product.
In order to supply effective product design services to our customers, our professionals use the power of design. Our product design team will offer the following:

UX Design & Prototyping

Helps in identifying the design flaws, and usability issues in the earlier stages of the design phase.

User Flow Maps:

To create the right product, we first conduct user research before the development phase to determine what steps the user should possibly take when using conceptual products.


A great experience begins with a strong foundation. With the help of our wireframes and prototypes, you can create an app development process that generates in-demand features and flows that users adore.

Interaction Design:

Our product design team understands how to guide consumers to do the required actions. Choosing the right visuals and modifying them based on the scenario and device type is necessary.


Visual Design & UI Design

To help encourage your upcoming web & mobile form designs.


Branding will stand you against other businesses that are delivering a similar service. We will ensure that your visual identity, such as your logo, font, and color, will make you stand out in your industry and support your company objectives.


UI is the essential part of any software product and is completely defined by the needs of the end user. Factors such as the position of a button, page loading time or even the layout inspire the user to evaluate whether an app or a site is worth their time.


Our expertise has an extensive understanding of style guides such as colour schemes, typography, layout, and buttons that will be required to design the application or website. This is a great resource for getting the design and development teams on the same page.

Web and Mobile Design

To guide how to navigate a website or mobile application using strategically created visuals.

Web Applications:

We have developed several web apps for our clients. We know from experience how significant it is to have clear and simple layouts for complicated applications like CRMs or e-commerce systems.

Mobile Applications:

Our knowledge has shown us that people choose technology that is easy to use. Therefore, our key aim in developing a mobile application is to help the user to accomplish a task quickly and convince them to use the product again.


Apps are meant for daily usage, whereas websites are primarily used for informative or presentation reasons. Therefore, we offer intuitive websites that are consistent with your brand, appealing, and, most importantly, responsive to any screen size.


Our product design process

These six product design steps are the foundation of our team



  • Research user needs/business needs

  • Understand current landscape and assumptions

  • Identify current user behavior



  • Defining strategy including content

  • Gathering requirements

  • Estimating time/resource



  • Organizing flow and features

  • Sketching basic designs

  • Journey mapping

  • Language suggestions and defining tone



  • Further design and content exploration

  • Using tools to design proposed solution including content

  • Sharing design with key stakeholders



  • QA

  • Production of content including SEO requirements

  • Launch


Test and Learn

  • Test solutions through A/B testing, usability testing or success measures

  • Report on progress

  • Creating test plans

Our Recent Projects

Every project presents its own goals, audience, and opportunities. Our approach to great projects begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses the unexpected.

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Let's transform your concept into an innovative digital product that succeeds in the market.