Amazon Web Services

Wiznox Technologies can help you create complex applications with adaptability, scalability, and durability by offering AWS services whether you require computer resources, database storage, content distribution, or other capabilities.

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Services We Offer

We provide a whole range of AWS development services, assisting you in reaching your project objectives with evaluations, strategies, roadmaps, implementation, and maintenance.


AWS Application Development Services

  • We have the relevant expertise in building modular design to create durable, agile, and secure online and mobile apps. We can help you build custom end-to-end solutions from scratch with the help of our full-stack development team.


AWS Cloud Migration Services

  • Collectively, we evaluate your demands and choose the optimal migration solutions to help you achieve your company goals. We can help you move apps from on-site systems to the cloud and Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services.


AWS Cloud Managed Services

  • To enhance productivity, ROI, and scalability, we collaborate with you to manage and maximize your AWS Cloud infrastructure. Our staff can help you manage cloud capacity, performance, and usage.


Cloud Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • We assist with BI & analytics integration into your operating procedures to transform data into useful insights. Our team can provide tailored reporting & visual analytics solutions to meet your company objectives by utilising the AWS cloud environment.


AWS Consulting Services

  • We apprehend your needs by offering technical advice on every element of cloud creation, implementation, migration, and optimization. Our AWS experts employ practical solutions to help you while minimizing resource demand and keeping high performance of your AWS environment.

Features of AWS

AWS has a rich features list and our experts are aware of them. Below are some features for your kind review



  • We are not required to master new skills to adopt new technologies because AWS's flexibility allows us to select the programming models, languages, and operating systems that are most appropriate for our project.



  • The resources are more quickly accessible with AWS. Regardless of how big or small the changes are, its capacity to adapt more quickly means that we may grasp new possibilities to address business difficulties that may boost earnings and cut expenses.



  • AWS includes security protections in its services and provides documentation on how to use them. Additionally, it ensures your content's confidentiality, integrity, and availability, all of which are crucial to AWS.


Scalable and elastic

  • Elasticity in AWS is described as the distribution of incoming application traffic among numerous destinations such as Amazon EC2 instances, containers, IP addresses, and Lambda functions. Scalability in AWS has the capacity to scale the computing resources up or down when demand increases or decreases, respectively.



  • The AWS cloud offers levels of scale, security, dependability, and privacy in addition to having built-in infrastructure based on lessons gained from managing the multi-billion-dollar business for more than sixteen years.

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We give you the privilege to hire the top AWS developers on an hourly, monthly, or full-time basis so you may create a dependable and strong cloud ecosystem that is integrated with many systems.

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- No legal liability for hiring, no costs associated with recruiting

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