5 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2020

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Cultural and technological changes bring evolution in web design trends. Creators need to follow the latest trends in web designing. Incorporating new trends in the design of a product makes it more desirable and fresh to the target users giving a substantial competitive edge. 

Let’s have a look to top web design trends to follow in 2020:

Gradients 2.0

Designers went for reducing all visual content and left only functional elements. With users getting bored of dull designs, designers start experimenting with visual styles. Then comes in, Gradients, a style that replaces flat colors and adds some depth in flat structures to make them visually more attractive. It is loved by both stakeholders and product teams as branding colors can be used for their creation. 

Gradients can be used both on the large screen of desktop or TV and small display of mobile phones. It can be used as background content, color filters over the images or accents for call to action buttons. 

Abstract illustrations

Custom illustration style is a magnificent way to make any brand stand out. Authentic illustrations are part of brand or product. Color scheme or topography can be copied by your competitors but illustration style cannot be taken away. 

Many of the large companies had introduced illustrations in their visuals such as Shopify, Google, and Mailchimp to name a few. As many of the illustration styles are going around, it becomes hard for the users to choose a specific style for their company. Therefore, in order to make more effective illustrations, web designers are embracing abstract illustration styles.

Data Visualization

Visual attracts more users than textual content. It is easier to comprehend the data when it is displayed visually. To create visually engaging stories, data visualization is becoming a crucial and essential tool. Visualizations can captivate your audience and make them curious to know more about your brand.

3D Design

Games and entertainment world only used to experience 3D objects before. However, with the increase in device processing power, 3D objects have emerged regularly websites on both mobile and desktop versions. With 3D and pseudo-3D objects in web experience, one adds realism to customer interactions.

Scroll-Generated Websites

The booming of modern technologies are providing users more than mere web experience. They are allowing creating 3D immersive visual experience for users. With scroll-generated websites, user’s progress can be tracked as you scroll the page and contextually-relevant data is showed. Scroll-generated websites utilize the power of animation effects and animation to capture audience attention. These effects add more meaning into the existing content and enhance the user experience making it more valuable.

Bottom Line

Regardless of how impressive designs are coming into trend, a designer’s goal remains same that is to help users accomplish their goals to create more useful products. It is essential to evaluate every trend and implement only those solutions that offer better experience to users.

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